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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Can your gowns be washed and reused?
Yes, they can. We recommend washing on delicate, cold water, and tumbled dry on low for a minute or two, and then hung to dry. No dryer sheet.
Do you offer discounts on products or shipping?
If you order a large quantity we may be able to provide a small discount on our products. Sometimes your shipping/handling fee can also be reduced. You will need to speak with customer service to determine if you qualify for a discount.
Do you provide overnight shipping?
Our standard shipping is for three week delivery. However, we offer Rush, Two-Day, and Overnight shipping. You will need to call customer service to receive a quote for these charges. Your order subtotal and school location will determine these charges.
What if some of the parents havenít paid, therefore holding up my order? (Classroom/Group orders)
If you have given the parents a deadline and some of them havenít paid, go ahead and send in your order. Give your remaining parents our website, or phone number, and let them order on their own. They WILL pay more, but your order will no longer be at risk of paying rush fees and those parents who paid by your deadline, will be taken care of.
What is your return policy?
First of all, we cannot recommend enough that all children should be measured before you order. Children come in all shapes and sizes no matter their age. This process may take a little time, but the frustration and costs associated with exchanges and returns will be eliminated.
We accept returns/exchanges as long as the gown/cap have NOT been removed from their original packaging. We recommend opening 1 package in each size when receiving your order and try them on all the children. Then you may proceed to hand out all the childrenís packages without worry about sizing.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards, over the phone payment, online purchase, school check in the mail accompanying your order, fax with credit card/school check or purchase orders from Independent School Districts upon approval from the manager.

Where are your gowns manufactured?
Our Caps and Gowns are proudly manufactured in the USA!